gbi12070-sup-0001-FigS1.pdfapplication/PDF205KFig. S1. Piper diagram illustrating major cation and anion composition of spring waters, scaled to TDS.
gbi12070-sup-0002-FigS2.pdfapplication/PDF135KFig. S2. Dendrogram of community differences based on OTU differences in samples.
gbi12070-sup-0003-FigS3.pdfapplication/PDF443KFig. S3. Boxplots of physicochemical parameters that were not significantly different between phylum-level defined groups.
gbi12070-sup-0004-TableS1.xlsapplication/msexcel58KTable S1. Excel file of geochemical data and site information for all springs. n.d. indicates not detected.
gbi12070-sup-0005-TableS2.xlsapplication/msexcel154KTable S2. Excel file with corresponding taxonomic information for heatmap in Fig. 4.
gbi12070-sup-0006-TableS3.xlsapplication/msexcel45KTable S3. Excel file with best blast hit matches of OTUs that were classified as Betaproteobacteria.
gbi12070-sup-0007-FigLegent.docWord document27K 

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