gbi12081-sup-0001-Supp-Info.csvCSV document3KRaw data of organic carbon and lipid concentrations have been archived and are available at and from the supplied file: supp_info.csv.
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Fig. S1 Concentrations vs. depth (mbsf) of (a) CL-GDGTs in μg g Corg−1, (b) IPL-derived GDGTs in μg g Corg−1 and (c) IPL-crenarchaeol with MH-, DH- and HPH-head groups (in area g Corg−1) and (d) Corg. in mg g sed dw−1.

Fig. S2 Results of the principal component analysis of the concentrations and abundances of Corg, CL- and IPL-GDGTs and IPL-crenarchaeol. (a) scores plot, (b) loadings plot.

Fig. S3 Correlation of IPL-derived TEX86 with CL-TEX86. IPL-TEX86 = 0.618 + 0.162. CL-TEX86 (R2 = 0.013; P = 0.6177).

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