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Appendix S1 Descriptions of the microscopy tomography approaches.

Fig. S1 O-1s reference spectra (normalized to 1 nm) of an Fe(III)-(oxyhydr)oxide, polysaccharide, and protein (Stewart-Ornstein et al., 2007) that were used to fit the datasets of air-dried BoFeN1 samples.

Fig. S2 O-1s reference spectra (normalized to 1 nm) of water, Fe(III)-(oxyhydr)oxide, and protein used for SVD for the dataset of the hydrated BoFeN1 sample.

Fig. S3 Results of focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy (FIB/SEM) tomography: single original blockface image (A) and 3-D representation of the entire volume (performed with Chimera) (B) (scale bar 2 µm).

Fig. S4 Orthogonal views of the transmission electron microscopy (TEM) tomography reconstruction: (A) yz-plane (plane perpendicular to tilt axis; arrow indicates the direction of the optical axis); (B) xz-plane; (C) xy-plane (perpendicular to optical axis) (scale bar 500 nm).

Fig. S5 Colored 3-D component maps of the STXM dataset for the air-dried BoFeN1 cell at an early stage of Fe(II) oxidation with overlay of the different component maps.

Fig. S6 Colored 3-D component maps with overlay of the STXM dataset for a BoFeN1 cell after complete Fe(II) oxidation.

Fig. S7 Colored 3-D component maps with overlay of the STXM dataset of the wet prepared BoFeN1 sample after complete Fe(II) oxidation.

Table S1 Tabulated values (results and intermediate steps) of the quantitative calculation of the individual chemical component masses within the analyzed volumes; values from STXM tomography datasets of the air-dried BoFeN1 samples at an early stage and after complete Fe(II) oxidation, also for the hydrated BoFeN1 sample after complete Fe(II) oxidation.

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