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Table S1. Literature review results documenting the relative importance of cyanobacteria drivers.

Table S2. Nonlinear relationships between seasonality and environmental variables.

Table S3. Autocorrelation function (acf) for all environmental variables.

Table S4. Results from competing linear mixed-effect models which differ in random effect structures.

gcb12015-sup-0002-FigureS1.epsimage/eps366KFigure S1. Nonlinear response curves for the relationship between double-root transformed cyanobacterial biomass (CB) and day of the year (DOY) (blue line), and between TP (untransformed) and DOY (green line) for the dimictic basins [(a) Ethel, (b) Baptiste South] and polymictic basins [(c) Baptiste North, (d) Nakamun, and (e) Wabamun basins].
gcb12015-sup-0003-Appendix1.docxWord document25KAppendix 1. Study site information.
gcb12015-sup-0004-Appendix2.docxWord document128KAppendix 2. Description of Additive Mixed-effects Models (AMMs) methods.

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