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Figure S1. 13C enrichment in the bacterial PLFAs was determined as the sum of 15 bacteria-specific PLFAs at ambient CO2 and elevated CO2 after 6 months incubation (black), 1 year (white), 2 years (dark gray), and 3 years (light gray) in the rhizosphere soil of Carex arenaria. 13C enrichment denotes the excess 13C after subtraction of natural background as determined for nonlabeled systems. Shaded area indicates period of 13C-CO2 incubation (24 h).

Figure S2. Mean of trehalose at ambient and elevated CO2, in Festuca rubra rhizosphere as determined by HPLC analysis. In Carex arenaria, trehalose was not detected. Different letters within the graph refer to significantly different averages based on a Tukey-HSD test.

Table S1. Average of root and shoot biomass of Festuca rubra and Carex arenaria harvest after 6 months, 1, 2, and 3 years of incubation under ambient and elevated CO2 conditions.

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