gcb12165-sup-0001-Appendix1.tifimage/tif3780KAppendix S1. Detailed map of the study region and sampling stations in the Gulf of the Farallones used to develop indices of euphausiid crustacean (‘krill’), and juvenile rockfish abundance (CPUE). See Field et al. (2010) for details of juvenile rockfish abundance calculations and Santora et al. (2011a) for details of acoustic and net sampling and post-processing. The star indicates the location of the seabird breeding colony on Southeast Farallon Island. Data on seabird abundance at sea was obtained while the research vessel was underway between sampling stations. Boundaries of the Monterey Bay, Gulf of the Farallones, and Cordell Bank national marine sanctuaries are illustrated. Inset shows the Gulf of the Farallones relative to the Northeast Pacific Ocean.

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