Figure S1. Mean daily volumetric soil water content in the top 5 cm of the soil profile during the 2008 (a), 2009 (b), 2010 (c), and 2011 (d) growing seasons for each treatment (n = 5 for drought, n = 2 for ambient, and n = 6 for irrigation in 2008–2010, and n = 2 for each treatment in 2011). Soil water was measured every 4 h and averaged to one daily value.

Figure S2. Tallgrass cover by treatment.

Table S1. Models for forb density. Shown are estimates of the fixed effects from generalized liner mixed-effects models that assume a negative binomial distribution for density.

Table S2. Colonization and extinction events by species and treatment. Numbers indicate the number of colonization/extinction events. “N” is the total number of observations for each species in each treatment (number of plots multiplied by the number of year-to-year transitions observed).

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