gcb12199-sup-0001-AppendixA.pdfapplication/PDF47KAppendix A. Methods and results of Principal Components Analysis performed on A. californica functional traits and performance.

Table S1. Location and climate data summaries of 24 coastal California weather stations used for analyses of latitudinal patterns.

Table S2. Variances and pairwise Pearson correlation coefficients for all measured plant traits and performance (growth, flowering) of Artemisia californica.

Table S3. Statistics for regressions between population means and latitude, precipitation and temperature for plant traits with significant source population effects.

Table S4. Statistics for main and interactive effects of source population and precipitation treatment on A. californica volume over time.

Figure S1. Plant volume (means ± SE) over time (N = 8 measurements; see Table S4 for dates) for five source populations grown under high and low precipitation in common garden plots.

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