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Figure S1. Daily minimum temperature in winter 2007/2008 versus the 15-year average.

Figure S2. Changes in RDF during prestorm months (October–December, dark circles) and storm months (January–February, open circles) from 2005 to 2010 in Houhe National Nature Reserve, China. Gray segments represent the 2008 storm interlude.

Table S1. Number of fecal samples with and without H. dulcis seeds (A vs. B) collected from six mammalian seed-dispersing species, between October and March throughout 2005–2010. Superscripta indicates the percentage of H. dulcis seed-bearing feces. Black fonts represent the 2008 storm interlude.

Table S2. Euclidean distance of the RDF of the disperser community comparing prestorms months (October–December) and storm months (January–February) between successive year pairs.

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