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Figure. S1. Map of climatology stations (Global Historical Climatology Network) in the Kolyma Basin with records longer than 50 years.

Figure. S2. Spatial averages (±SD) of mean June–August NDVI (GIMMS 3g) based on larch tree cover for each year from 1982 to 2010.

Figure. S3. Gini coefficients derived from the Cajander larch mean ring-width index chronology (RWIavg) for 21-year intervals extending from 1901 to 2007.

Figure. S4. Time-series of Cajander larch basal area increment (mean ± SD) for each of the nine tree-ring sites in our study.

Table S1. Locations of tree-ring sampling sites, along with sample sizes and a summary of larch ages and growth characteristics.

Table S2. Summary of climate stations in the Kolyma Basin that have data archived in the Global Historical Climatology Network and which have temperature and precipitation records longer than 50 years.

Table S3. Comparison mean annual temperature derived from climate station observations and CRU 3.10.01 data for Kolyma Basin.

Table S4. Comparison annual precipitation derived from climate station observations and three reanalysis data sets for Kolyma Basin.

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