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Figure S1. Means and standard errors of maximum carboxylation rate, Vcmax (upper panels), maximum electron transport rate, Jmax (middle panel) and the ratio between Jmax and Vcmax (bottom panel) at five temperatures in Eucalyptus globulus in December 2010 (left), February 2011 (middle) and August 2011 (right).

Figure S2. Local daily maximum air temperatures from early January 2011 until late February 2011 at the tree chamber site in Richmond, NSW.

Figure S3. Time sequence of Eucalyptus globulus trees in control (left panel) and the warming treatment (+3 °C; right three panels depicting the same tree over time) during and after a heat-wave event that reached 43.2 °C on 31st January, through to complete mortality.

Figure S4. Means and standard errors of stomatal conductance, gs (upper panels), and vapour pressure deficit, D (lower panels), during measurements of the temperature response of Vcmax and Jmax from Fig. S1 in Eucalyptus globulus in December 2010, February 2011 and August 2011.

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