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Figure S1. Daily variation in canopy surface temperature (°C, 15 min data) measured during the experimental heat-wave applied in July 2009 (DOY 189–203). Surface temperature was measured on C (dark grey line), CX (dashed line) and warming-drought (WDX) (black solid line) treatments.

Figure S2. Temporal patterns of soil water content (0–15 cm, %) measured in 2009 according to the four climate treatments, for Cut−. For each date, different letters, when shown, indicate statistical difference (P < 0.05). Vertical bars represent standard errors (n = 4). Dashed lines correspond to start and end of reduced summer precipitation.

Table S1. Annual and seasonal air temperature (T, °C), cumulated precipitations (P, mm), and cumulated climatic water balance precipitation-potential evapotranspiration (P-PET, mm) of the experimental site for the reference period (1969–1999). Mean values ± SD are shown.

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