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Figure S1. Observed and modeled respiration rates for five randomly selected soil samples (a–e). The samples are the same as in Table S3.

Table S1. Soil sample parameters for each individual soil core.

Table S2. Prior parameter range for C pool partitioning coefficients (fi) and decay rates (ki).

Table S3. Comparison of data-model fit and C loss for three time frames using a 2-pool and a 3-pool model for five randomly selected soil samples.

Table S4. Correlations between model parameters.

Table S5. MLE (97.5% CI) for all parameters and potential C loss for 1, 10, and 50 incubations years for all 121 soil samples.

Table S6. Multiple regression results for estimated parameters and C loss (MLE, upper and lower limit of 97.5% CI) for 50 incubation years at 5 °C.

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