Appendix S1. (i) Data inputs, parameterization, and validation of the CENTURY and RothC soil organic matter models; (ii) Relating CENTURY soil organic matter pools to RothC pools for easier model comparison; (iii) Downscaling and validation of climate projections; (iv) Climate projections from CMIP3 and CMIP5; contains Tables S1–S3 and Figures S1–S3.

Table S1. Site, tree, and fixed parameters used for the CENTURY simulation of HBEF.

Table S2. Summary of predicted and observed productivity, biomass, and soil parameters (CENTURY).

Table S3. Selected input parameters used for the RothC simulation at the HBEF.

Figure S1. (a) Time series of modeled and observed annual streamflows at the HBEF (1964–2008); (b) Comparison of model-predicted and actual annual streamflows (1964–2008).

Figure S2. (a) Modeled and observed monthly average streamflow (averaged over 1964–2008); (b) Comparison of model-predicted and actual monthly streamflows at the HBEF (1964–2008).

Figure S3. Model and observed average annual soil temperatures (1964–1998).

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