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Data S1. Experimental test of habitat-size and disturbance effects on predator size (further detail).

Figure S1. Survey sites where fish communities were sampled around the South Island, New Zealand.

Figure S2. Relationship between stream cross-sectional area under base-flow conditions and mean annual cross-sectional area at 20 sites.

Figure S3. Relationships between mean stream cross-sectional area and catchment area for surface run-off-fed and spring-fed streams.

Figure S4. The design and selected site photographs for the habitat-size and disturbance experiment.

Figure S5. Relationship between altitude and (a) habitat size and (b) disturbance.

Figure S6. Nestedness diagram showing the relationship between species number, fish body size and habitat size.

Table S1. Multivariate and univariate anovas testing the effects of disturbance, habitat size and temperature on fish communities.

Table S2. Repeated measures multivariate and univariate anovas testing the response of fish communities in the habitat-size experiment.

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