gcb12519-sup-0001-FigS1.docxWord document129KFigure S1. Laboratory soil organic matter fractionation. The light fraction (LF) was removed from 8 mm sieved whole soil with density flotation. The heavy fraction (HF) was then wet-sieved to fractionate water-stable aggregate classes (LM=Large Macros, SM=Small Macros, Free-m=micros) from silt and clay (Free-SC). Coarse particulate organic matter (CPOM), microaggregates within macroaggregates (Inter-m), and macroaggregate silt and clay (Inter-m) were then isolated from LMs and SMs. A density flotation was used to remove fine particulate organic matter (fPOM) before microaggregate dispersion. Dispersion of the Inter-m mixture then released fine intra-aggregate particulate organic matter fiPOM and silt and clay that was within Inter-m (Intra-SC). Density flotations were also used to remove any sand contamination.

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