gcb12563-sup-0001-DataS1.docxWord document22KData S1. Test of the robustness of our main results against alternative formulations of the functional form of the temperature response of respiration.
gcb12563-sup-0001-DataS2.docxWord document1888KData S2. Simple scaling of foliar acclimation to the stand level, and simulation of the effect of elevated temperature on the respiratory carbon flux of a tropical forest canopy in Panama under current (1995–2011) temperatures and under elevated nighttime temperatures.
gcb12563-sup-0002-DataS3.docxWord document109KData S3. Maps of leaf respiration rates per unit ground area averaged over the years 2080–2099 simulated from the LM3VN dynamic global vegetation model forced with a climate projection derived from the IPCC AR4 A2 emissions scenario. Maps are shown for simulated respiration rates without accounting for thermal acclimation (a), accounting for acclimation derived from the experimental results in the present study (b), and the difference between the two scenarios (c). All grid cells are shown where tropical forests are predicted to occur in LM3VN.

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