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Table S1. Alternative biorefinery options with sequential extraction of proteins, lipids or fatty acids (FA) and conversion of residual biomass to biocrude. Data show macroalgae projected productivities (P, in metric t ha−1 yr−1) and values (V, in US$ ha−1 yr−1) of commodities generated by marine (M) and freshwater (FW) macroalgae through different scenarios. Products prices are derived from equivalent commodities prices (see Methods). Note that theoretical values (V) are rounded to the nearest $100 for each scenario.

Table S2. Sensitivity analyses of marine Derbesia and Ulva and freshwater Oedogonium for parameters influencing the value of feedstock (US$ ha−1 yr−1) for sequential extraction of protein from biomass and hydrothermal liquefaction of the residual biomass to biocrude. Values (A); Parameters (B); References (C) ‘Best Case’ scenarios (D).

Table S3. Biocrude yield from several studies on hydrothermal liquefaction of macroalgae and microalgae. M = marine origin, FW = freshwater origin, dw = dry weight, afdw = ash-free dry weight.

Table S4. References cited in supporting information.

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