Appendix S1 Estimates of regional species richness (Average local species richness, Jackknife diversity index, total number of species) and number of lakes in each of the 47 ecoprovinces located in the 15 ecozones of Canada (total numbers: n = 1665 lakes; n = 83 species). Data not calculated for 12 ecoprovinces with total number of species ≤ 10 or total number of lakes ≤ 5.

Appendix S2 List of crustacean species recorded in the field and literature surveys based on GIS-validated lakes.

Appendix S3 (A) Forward selection of regional environmental descriptors in multiple regression. (B) Simple linear regression analyses of the Average local species richness in each ecoprovince (n = 1665 lakes); the adjusted R2 is shown when the regression coeficient was significant (α = 0.05)

Appendix S4 Linear and quadratic regressions between the natural logarithms of estimates of regional species richness (average local species richness) and the inverse of temperature (in Kelvin) corrected by the Boltzmann constant.

Appendix S5 Minimum, maximum, median and mean values of the local and regional environmental descriptors within ecoprovinces across Canada in the subset of 458 lakes.

Appendix S6 Variation partitioning of the total explained variation (represented by the outside rectangle) of the crustacean community structure between regional (left box, [a + b]) and local (right box, [b + c]) and environmental descriptors.

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