Figure S1 Maps depicting how continental boundaries were defined.

Figure S2 Global grassland and forest cover.

Figure S3 Modelled global patterns of species richness for all Poaceae and for the nine major grass clades.

Table S1 Reclassification of species to the level of subfamily using recent phylogenetic classifications.

Table S2 Names of regions excluded from the analyses.

Table S3 Percentage deviance explained by generalized additive models with clade species richness as the response variable and either area only as a predictor, or area and each individual predictor in the model.

Table S4 Correlations (r) between species richness of the nine major grass clades and of the variables used as predictors of clade species richness in the generalized additive models.

Table S5 Multiple-predictor generalized additive model results.

Table S6 Multiple-predictor generalized additive model results without net primary productivity as a predictor.

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