Appendix S1 Rates of false positives and false negatives, and overall matches of atlas-derived occurrences, as compared to forest inventory data (ICP dataset).

Appendix S2 Upscaling and downscaling procedure for each of the five sources of distribution data.

Appendix S3 Areas of occurrence of the 21 species according to the available sources of data, and modelled areas for the current period and under scenarios, for models built using occurrence data from each data source.

Appendix S4 Maps showing the number of databases indicating each of the 21 species' occurrences across Europe.

Appendix S5 Maps showing discrepancies between the three atlases.

Appendix S6 Maps showing observed occurrences, modelled current and forecast probabilities of occurrence for the 21 species.

Appendix S7 Proportion of area where models disagree, within the area predicted as suitable by at least one model.

Appendix S8 Post-hoc validation score of two process-based models, using different sources of occurrence as reference.

Appendix S9 ‘Suitable’ area of three European species, as projected by two process-based models as a function of the data source used to define a presence/absence threshold.

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