Global Ecology and Biogeography

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August 2014

Volume 23, Issue 8

Pages 836–955

  1. Research Papers

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    1. Multifaceted diversity–area relationships reveal global hotspots of mammalian species, trait and lineage diversity (pages 836–847)

      Florent Mazel, François Guilhaumon, Nicolas Mouquet, Vincent Devictor, Dominique Gravel, Julien Renaud, Marcus Vinicius Cianciaruso, Rafael Loyola, José Alexandre Felizola Diniz-Filho, David Mouillot and Wilfried Thuiller

      Version of Record online: 31 MAR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12158

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      Identifying the driving factors behind observed elevational range shifts on European mountains (pages 876–884)

      John-Arvid Grytnes, Jutta Kapfer, Gerald Jurasinski, Hilary H. Birks, Hanne Henriksen, Kari Klanderud, Arvid Odland, Mikael Ohlson, Sonja Wipf and H. John B. Birks

      Version of Record online: 13 APR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12170

    3. Multiple drivers of plant diversity in forest ecosystems (pages 885–893)

      Yu Zhang, Han Y. H. Chen and Anthony Taylor

      Version of Record online: 7 MAY 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12188

    4. Is taxonomic homogenization linked to functional homogenization in temperate forests? (pages 894–902)

      Grégory Sonnier, Sarah E. Johnson, Kathryn L. Amatangelo, Dave A. Rogers and Donald M. Waller

      Version of Record online: 6 MAR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12164

    5. Determinants of species abundance for eastern North American trees (pages 903–911)

      Dingliang Xing, Nathan G. Swenson, Michael D. Weiser and Zhanqing Hao

      Version of Record online: 25 MAR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12167

    6. A metamodelling approach to estimate global N2O emissions from agricultural soils (pages 912–924)

      Joshua Perlman, Robert J. Hijmans and William R. Horwath

      Version of Record online: 25 MAR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12166

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      Markedly divergent estimates of Amazon forest carbon density from ground plots and satellites (pages 935–946)

      Edward T. A. Mitchard, Ted R. Feldpausch, Roel J. W. Brienen, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Abel Monteagudo, Timothy R. Baker, Simon L. Lewis, Jon Lloyd, Carlos A. Quesada, Manuel Gloor, Hans ter Steege, Patrick Meir, Esteban Alvarez, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Luiz E. O. C. Aragão, Luzmila Arroyo, Gerardo Aymard, Olaf Banki, Damien Bonal, Sandra Brown, Foster I. Brown, Carlos E. Cerón, Victor Chama Moscoso, Jerome Chave, James A. Comiskey, Fernando Cornejo, Massiel Corrales Medina, Lola Da Costa, Flavia R. C. Costa, Anthony Di Fiore, Tomas F. Domingues, Terry L. Erwin, Todd Frederickson, Niro Higuchi, Euridice N. Honorio Coronado, Tim J. Killeen, William F. Laurance, Carolina Levis, William E. Magnusson, Beatriz S. Marimon, Ben Hur Marimon Junior, Irina Mendoza Polo, Piyush Mishra, Marcelo T. Nascimento, David Neill, Mario P. Núñez Vargas, Walter A. Palacios, Alexander Parada, Guido Pardo Molina, Marielos Peña-Claros, Nigel Pitman, Carlos A. Peres, Lourens Poorter, Adriana Prieto, Hirma Ramirez-Angulo, Zorayda Restrepo Correa, Anand Roopsind, Katherine H. Roucoux, Agustin Rudas, Rafael P. Salomão, Juliana Schietti, Marcos Silveira, Priscila F. de Souza, Marc K. Steininger, Juliana Stropp, John Terborgh, Raquel Thomas, Marisol Toledo, Armando Torres-Lezama, Tinde R. van Andel, Geertje M. F. van der Heijden, Ima C. G. Vieira, Simone Vieira, Emilio Vilanova-Torre, Vincent A. Vos, Ophelia Wang, Charles E. Zartman, Yadvinder Malhi and Oliver L. Phillips

      Version of Record online: 22 APR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12168

    9. Stoichiometric shifts in surface soils over broad geographical scales: evidence from China's grasslands (pages 947–955)

      Yuanhe Yang, Jingyun Fang, Chengjun Ji, Arindam Datta, Pin Li, Wenhong Ma, Anwar Mohammat, Haihua Shen, Huifeng Hu, Benjamin O. Knapp and Pete Smith

      Version of Record online: 20 APR 2014 | DOI: 10.1111/geb.12175