Racing Economic Geography: The Place of Race in Economic Geography


Correspondence address: Dr. Anne Bonds, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Northwest Quadrant 6515, P.O. Box 413, Milwaukee, WI 53201, Phone: 414-229-4872. Email:


In this paper, I provide a critical overview of research in economic geography on race and racialization. I begin with a discussion about the connections between geography and processes of racialization. I then move into an examination of the kinds of engagements economic geographers are undertaking in research examining racial difference and the racialized implications of economic policy and practice. Drawing from the insights of feminist economic geographers as well as critical race scholars, I argue that while economic geographers have long engaged in research that illustrates racially uneven economic outcomes, race remains under-examined in economic geography. I conclude with a call for increased scholarship on race in economic geography, suggesting that economic geographers draw from research that interrogates the foundational nature of race and relational racialization to interrogate the mutually constitutive nature of ‘race’ and ‘economy’.