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International and Intra-national Student Mobility: Trends, Motivations and Identity



This paper provides a critical review and discussion of the literature on intra-national and international student mobility. Although student mobility is gaining attention from social geographers, much research is still needed to address the complex and diverse geographies of student mobility. The literature indicates that current trends in mobility within higher education in the UK challenge traditional assumptions of student mobility. Although there is a growing trend of ‘immobility’ among students in the UK, international student mobility is on the rise globally. This paper will focus primarily on international student mobility and will discuss trends, motivations and student identities. The current body of work on student mobility focuses on mobilities within, and to, the Western world with an absence of work on mobilities from the North to the Global South. I suggest that future research should explore student mobilities to the developing world as well as the impact of place and mobility on students' personal, national and global identities.