Effect of two additives on the fermentation, in vitro digestibility and aerobic security of Sorghum–sudangrass hybrid silages



Two additives (Silo Guard (SG) and propionic acid (PA)) were tested for their effects on the quality and aerobic security of sorghum–sudangrass hybrid silages (JC-1 and WC-2). Two sorghum–sudangrass hybrid varieties were harvested for ensiling without additives (CK) or after the following treatments: SG at 0·5% of fresh forage or PA at 0·5% of fresh forage, with three replicates per treatment. The addition of SG and PA both affected the fermentation quality and chemical composition of the silages by lowering pH and NH3-N/TN and increasing lactic acid, the LA/TA ratio, WSC and CP concentrations compared with the untreated silages. In vitro DM digestibility (IVDMD), in vitro NDF digestibility (IVNDFD) and in vitro CP digestibility (IVCPD) were increased by SG in the JC-1 silages and WC-2 silages. Both additives improved the aerobic stability of sorghum–sudangrass hybrid silages. Furthermore, the additives reduced the mould counts and the aflatoxin and zearalenone levels compared with the untreated silages following aerobic exposure. Therefore, ensiling two sorghum–sudangrass hybrid varieties resulted in high-quality silages. The addition of SG and PA improved silage quality, in vitro digestibility and aerobic security.