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Figure S1 ldaA/A-like-specific Gal4 drivers.

Figure S2 ldaA/lda-A like developed arbors in the absence of v'ada branches.

Table S1 ldaA/A-like specific Gal4 drivers in pupal and adult stages

gtc12008-sup-0002-MovieS1.movvideo/mov7154KMovie S1 The ventral region of the abdominal hemisegment at 14 h APF onwards
gtc12008-sup-0003-MovieS2.mp4MPEG-4 video3301KMovie S2 Dynamic filopodia extended from a primary branch of v'ada at 40–46 h APF
gtc12008-sup-0004-MovieS3.mp4MPEG-4 video692KMovie S3 Local degeneration of filopodia of v'ada at 55 h APF
gtc12008-sup-0005-MovieS4.mp4MPEG-4 video2199KMovie S4 Growth of thick primary branches at 60–64 h APF
gtc12008-sup-0006-MovieS5.mp4MPEG-4 video2475KMovie S5 Conversions of dynamic filopodia into stable branches at 64–68.5 h APF
gtc12008-sup-0007-MovieS6.mp4MPEG-4 video6003KMovie S6 Ventral growing dendrites of ldaA/A-like were overlapped with dorsal dendrites of v'ada at 48–56 h APF

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