gtc12146-sup-0001-FigureS1.pdfapplication/PDF149KFigure S1 Human and Drosophila Rab5-GEFs and GAPs.
gtc12146-sup-0002-FigureS2.pdfapplication/PDF149KFigure S2 Multiple sequence alignment of VPS9 domains of Rab5 GEFs.
gtc12146-sup-0003-FigureS3.pdfapplication/PDF491KFigure S3 Phenotypes of class IV da neurons in the dALS2 mutant.
gtc12146-sup-0004-FigureS4.pdfapplication/PDF295KFigure S4 Negative geotaxis assay.
gtc12146-sup-0005-FigureS5.pdfapplication/PDF300KFigure S5 Aging was not accelerated in the dALS2 mutant.
gtc12146-sup-0006-FigureS6.pdfapplication/PDF178KFigure S6 Life span assay.
gtc12146-sup-0007-Movie1.movvideo/mov3077KMovie S1 Climbing ability of the control adults (0-3 days old). The genotype is OK371-Gal4/UAS-mmRFP.
gtc12146-sup-0008-Movie2.movvideo/mov5525KMovie S2 Climbing ability of Rab5[S34N]-expressing adults (0-3 days old). After the tap, the flies were recorded longer than 10 seconds. The genotype is OK371-Gal4/+; UAS-Rab5[S34N]/+.
gtc12146-sup-0009-DataS1.docxWord document15K 

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