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Commentary on Headache Currents Articles by Alhazzani and Goddeau


  • Nabih M. Ramadan MD, MBA, FAAN, FAHS

    Corresponding author
    • Division of Developmental Disabilities, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA
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  • Conflict of Interest: None declared.

Address all correspondence to N.M. Ramadan, 301 Centennial Mall South, 3rd Floor, P.O. Box 98947, Lincoln, NE 68509, USA.


Headache is a symptom of cerebrovascular disease, particularly the hemorrhagic type. Also, certain headache types, notably migraine with aura, predispose individuals to ischemic and perhaps hemorrhagic stroke. The relationship between migraine and cerebrovascular disease can be causal, coincidental or co-morbid.