ibi12080-sup-0001-FigS1.docxWord document31KFigure S1. Hourly food delivery rates per chick (means ± se) for males and females in the control (open symbols) and experimental groups (filled symbols). Means and standard errors here are taken from the model of per-capita provisioning rates (Table S4).
ibi12080-sup-0002-DataS1-S4-TableS1-S4.docxWord document21K

Data S1. The influence of weather, wind and time of day on parental provisioning in the House Sparrow.

Data S2. Modelling House Sparrow provisioning using per-capita feeding rate as the response variable.

Table S1. Factors affecting adult provisioning (log-transformed number of provisioning visits) in brood sizes of 4 and 5 chicks only. n = 528 observations of 58 pairs/106 broods. CI represents credible intervals and P-values are MCMC-based.

Table S2. Factors affecting male provisioning (n = 629 observations of 317 broods/108 males).

Table S3. Factors affecting female provisioning (n = 629 observations of 317 broods and 113 females).

Table S4. Factors affecting adult per-capita provisioning rate. n = 528 observations of 58 pairs/106 broods. Intercept represents a female in the control group.

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