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2014 Membership Renewals and Subscriptions to Ibis

Membership dues for 2014 are now due. Those members not paying by Standing Order will be sent a renewal notice by the end of December.

Members can renew their membership online at Subscription costs for 2014 remain unchanged.

New Student and Early-career Researcher Subscription

Students and early-career researchers can now take advantage of our new reduced rate subscription of only £10.00! This will give you the following benefits:

  • Access to Ibis online – all issues back to 1859!
  • Exclusive access to reduced rates to BOU conferences
  • Exclusive access to BOU Career Development Bursaries
  • Exclusive access to the BOU student community via our student reps
  • 20% discount on Wiley books

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BOU Annual Conference 2014

Ecology and conservation of birds in alpine and upland habitats

1–3 April 2014, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK

Details previously given in Ibis (155: 704) and available on the BOU website at

This conference will provide an opportunity for state of the art knowledge on ecology and conservation of upland birds from across Europe to be compared and contrasted. It will also allow information about the pressures on these birds and their habitats, and the likely impact of these pressures on birds, to be shared. Finally, it will discuss the possible responses that are available to conservationists, land managers and policy makers to ensure the conservation of this diverse range of habitats and the species that rely upon them.

The conference will be international in scope, covering alpine and upland habitats across Europe, and is aimed at researchers and students, conservation organizations, statutory government agencies and those engaged in policy, advocacy and conservation management.

The conference aims to:

  • present the state of the art knowledge on alpine and upland bird ecology and populations, and how these vary between species and across Europe;
  • highlight major pressures on upland bird populations and their habitats;
  • and consider what the future may hold for upland birds, and what conservationists and land managers can do to maintain populations.

Students and early-career researchers – reduced rates!

The BOU will again be offering reduced rates for students and early-career researchers, and there are a number of free places available to students from lower income countries. Please see the BOU website for details

A detailed programme will be posted on the BOU website by the end of November when bookings will open.

Twitter search – #BOU14 – for news and updates.

Published proceedings

We aim to publish the proceedings from this conference in September 2014 on

The BOU is extremely grateful to the conference programme organizers: Graeme Buchanan (RSPB, BOU Meetings Committee member and Chairman of the Conference Programme Committee), Dan Chamberlain (University of Turin), James Pearce-Higgins (BTO) and Des Thompson (Scottish Natural Heritage). The conference is being financially supported by Scottish Natural Heritage.

2014 BOU Small Research Grants and 2014 Career Development Bursaries

Applications (not enquiries) for 2014 awards need to be received by 30 November 2013. Awards will be made in March 2014. Full details can be found via

For details of previous years' awards, and reports from many of the projects supported by the BOU, please see, which also gives details on grants available from other ornithological organizations.

Membership Changes to BOU Committees

Ibis Management Committee

Chairman: Keith Hamer (Elected member of Council, University of Leeds).

Members (reappointed): Mark Bolton (Associate Editor, RSPB).

Ex-officio members: Rauri Bowie (Editor, University of California), Dan Chamberlain (Editor, University of Turin), Paul Donald (Editor-in-Chief), Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator), Julianne Evans (BOU Treasurer), Jenny Gill (BOU President, University of East Anglia), Angela Langford (Journal Manager), Ruedi Nager (Editor, University of Glasgow), and Jeremy Wilson (Editor, RSPB).

Meetings Committee

Chairman: Niall Burton (Elected member of Council, BTO).

Members (reappointed): Graeme Buchanan (RSPB), Rachel Davies (student representative, University of Leeds).

Ex-officio members: Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator), Angela Langford (Journal & Office Manager).

Retiring: Darren Evans (University of Hull), Karl Evans (University of Sheffield).

Grants Committee

Chairman: Paul Dolman (Elected member of Council, University of East Anglia).

Members (reappointed): Phil Atkinson (BTO), Andy Symes (BirdLife), Danea Sheehan (RSPB).

Appointed: Phil Shaw (University of St Andrews).

Ex-officio members: Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator).

Retiring: Jos Barlow (Lancaster University).

Records Committee (BOURC)

Chairman: Martin Collinson (Elected member of Council, University of Aberdeen).

Members (reappointed): Andy Brown (Natural England), James Gilroy (Norfolk), Chris Kehoe (Merseyside), Chris McInerny (Secretary, University of Glasgow), Richard Millington (Birding World), Jimmy Steele (University of Newcastle).

Ex-officio members: Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator), Adam Rowlands (BBRC Chairman).

Retiring: Andrew Harrop (Secretary).

Committee consultants: Bob McGowan (National Museums of Scotland – museum consultant), Keith Naylor (historical records consultant) and Roger Wilkinson (Chester Zoo –captive bird and bird trade consultant).

BOURC Taxonomic Sub-committee (TSC)

Chairman: Martin Collinson (BOURC Chairman, University of Aberdeen).

Members (reappointed): George Sangster (Swedish Museum of Natural History), Pierre-Andre Crochet (Chargé de recherche au CNRS, France), Steve Votier (University of Plymouth).

BOURC Category F Sub-committee

Chairman: Martin Collinson (BOURC Chairman, University of Aberdeen).

Members (reappointed): Jo Cooper (Natural History Museum), John Stewart (University of Bournemouth).

Ex-officio members: Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator).

Derek Yalden (University of Manchester) sadly passed away.

BOU⁄BOC Joint Publications Committee (JPC)

Chairman: Robert Prys-Jones (Natural History Museum, BOC appointed).

Members: David Wells (Commissioning Editor of all BOU and BOC non-journal titles – appointed jointly by BOU and BOC).

BOU appointed members: Marianne Taylor (freelance journalist).

BOC appointed members: to be confirmed.

BOU ex-officio members: Steve Dudley (Senior Administrator), Angela Langford (ex-officio, Journal & Office Manager).

BOC ex-officio members: David Montier (ex-officio, BOC Honorary Treasurer).

Retiring members: Jo Cooper (Natural History Museum, BOC appointed).

The Union is very grateful to those retiring members for their service and warmly welcomes their replacements.

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