Already 1 year gone by, six issues released, many things learned during that time.

We are now waiting for the first impact factor that should be calculated for 2013, and we hope to have a figure to communicate to you by February…

Without wanting to become a slave of this index, we would like to address a few words to our present and future authors with the aim of further increasing the quality of the science we publish and – at the same time – speed up the review process which will also help the popularity and the impact of the Journal.

Format: Please, before even starting to write, read and re-read the Author Guidelines carefully. Please, respect the required format, including the standardized format for the abstracts.

Please make sure the quality of your English writing is checked by a native speaker of this language who is also sufficiently trained to understand the content of your paper to be able to guide you to improved readability of your text. If in doubt, please write your paper in your own language first and have it translated by a professional well versed in science. The cost is not prohibitive. Editing services are also provided by the Publisher: see for more details.

Content: We strive to publish papers within a wide range of subjects, but they must refer to products, procedures and methods that are truly related to what is defined as ‘cosmetics’ by the EU regulation (and similar texts worldwide). IJCS does not publish medical (dermatological and surgical) procedures and treatments. The so-called nutraceutical or nutracosmetic studies must show exceptionally interesting and well-documented science from which true understanding of skin physiology phenomena can be derived before they are (very rarely) considered for publication. Please refrain from using buzz words and concepts such as ‘natural’, ‘cosmeceutical’, ‘green’, as they have no scientific meaning. Research should be neutral and not motivated by fashion trends.

IJCS is not a depository for data. Knowledge and demonstration of some activity is not (yet) science; understanding mechanisms, connections and relationships between products, ingredients, applications and target organs (cells, tissue and humans) and creating new methods of investigation in all fields: that is the scope of our Journal.

We thank the many scientists of the Editorial Advisory Board and others who have agreed to review the great number of submitted manuscripts and have helped us to maintain and further grow the reputation of IJCS.

As we go into 2014, we wish all our readers and authors, a happy and scientifically rich New Year and look forward to receiving many further articles for publication from around the world.