• cone-beam computed tomography;
  • root canal sealer;
  • root fracture;
  • striking artifacts



To evaluate streaking artifacts produced by several root canal sealers on CBCT images with variations in voxel resolution.


Single-rooted premolars were selected and root filled using gutta-percha cones and one of the following sealers: Endofill, Sealer 26, Fillapex or AH Plus. Root canals filled only with gutta-percha were used as control. Scans of teeth using a small-volume CBCT were performed, and the images acquired were evaluated by two calibrated observers (k > 0.75). Artifacts were identified as streaks and dark bands on root dentine in axial slices with 2 voxel sizes (0.076 and 0.2 mm). Fisher's exact test (P < 0.05) was used to compare the presence/absence ratio of artifacts considering the factors ‘sealer’ and ‘voxel size’.


For the 0.20 mm voxel size, Sealer 26 had significantly more artifacts than Fillapex (P = 0.006) or AH Plus (P = 0.017). No differences existed between the sealers when the 0.07 mm voxel size was used. Sealer 26 (P = 0.042) and Endofill (P = 0.035) had significantly more artifacts in the 0.20 mm voxel size than with the 0.076 mm voxel size, whilst no difference was noted for other filling conditions.


The material used for root filling and the voxel resolution can influence the presence of streaking artifacts observed in CBCT images.