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Concentrated platelet-rich plasma used in root canal revascularization: 2 case reports




To present two case reports describing the treatment of immature teeth with necrotic pulps using concentrated platelet-rich plasma (cPRP) with 12-month clinical and radiographic follow-up.


Root canal revascularization was performed on immature permanent teeth clinically and radiographically diagnosed as requiring root canal treatment. Following disinfection of the canal space with triple antibiotic paste (1 : 1 : 1: ciprofloxacin, metronidazole and cefaclor), a tissue scaffold was created with cPRP prepared using 2-step centrifugation. The final restoration was completed with white mineral trioxide aggregate and composite resin. The patients were recalled for clinical and radiographic evaluations every 3 months. At the 12-month follow-up apical closure by narrowing of the apical foramen and convergence of the apical walls in the treated teeth was observed.

Key learning points

  • Concentrated platelet-rich plasma (cPRP) was successful as a scaffold in revascularization treatment.
  • 2-step centrifugation was a simple and useful technique to prepare PRP.