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Low-Temperature Sintering Microwave Characteristics of B2O3-doped CaLa4Ti4O15 Dielectric Ceramics



Preparation and microwave dielectric properties of B2O3-doped CaLa4Ti4O15 ceramics have been investigated. X-ray diffraction data show that CaLa4Ti4O15 ceramic has a trigonal structure coupled with a second phase of CaLa4Ti5O17. The CaLa4Ti4O15 ceramic with addition of 0.5 wt% B2O3, sintered at 1220°C for 4 h, exhibits microwave dielectric properties with a dielectric constant of 45.8, Q × f value of 24,000 GHz, and temperature coefficient of resonant frequency (τf) of −19 ppm/°C. B2O3-doped CaLa4Ti4O15 ceramics, which have better sintering behavior (decrease in sintering temperature ~ 330°C) and dielectric properties than pure CaLa4Ti4O15 ceramics, are candidates for applications in microwave devices.