Integration of High-Conductivity Graphite Foam to Metallic Systems Using Ag-Cu-Ti and Ag-Cu-Pd Braze Alloys



Graphite foams with low, medium, and high densities were joined to Cu-clad-Mo, 430 stainless steel, titanium, and Inconel 625 using Cusil-ABA® and Palcusil-5®. Copper-clad-molybdenum and steel were also joined to SiC-coated foam. Well-bonded joints with partially infiltrated foam and with carbon ligaments enriched with Ti formed in Cusil-ABA joints of coated and uncoated foam. Low-density foams showed greatest braze penetration and penetration distance decreased with increasing foam density. Foam/metal joints with Palcusil-5 showed less penetration than Cusil-ABA. The tension test on foam/Cu-clad-Mo and foam/430 stainless steel joints made using Cusil-ABA revealed that the joints were always stronger than the foam.