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Glass Crystallization Research — A 36-Year Retrospective. Part I, Fundamental Studies


  • Edgar D. Zanotto

    Corresponding author
    • Department of Materials Engineering, Vitreous Materials Laboratory – LaMaV, Federal University of São Carlos, São Carlos, SP, Brazil
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    • Member, The American Ceramic Society.

  • Article based on the G. W. Morey award talk delivered at the Glass and Optical Materials Division meeting, ACerS, Saint Louis, MO, USA, May 2012.


Over the past 36 years, our research has mainly focused on the crystallization kinetics and properties of glasses and glass-ceramics. A sampling of the most conclusive papers are reviewed here and include the following topics: the effects of liquid phase separation on crystal nucleation; tests and development of models of crystal nucleation, growth, and overall crystallization; metastable phase formation; surface crystallization; glass stability against devitrification; glass-forming ability; possible correlations between the molecular structure and the nucleation mechanism; sintering with concurrent surface crystallization; and diffusional processes that control crystallization. We conclude that despite significant advancement in the knowledge about several aspects of phase transformations in glasses that resulted from our own research and of other groups, which is not described in this review, glass crystallization remains an open, rich field to be explored.

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