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Malignancies of the eyelid: a review of primary and metastatic cancers


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Mhair Dekmezian, bs

3732 Glen Haven

Houston, TX 77025, USA



The eyelid can be the site of various malignant tumors, including epithelial, mesenchymal, lymphoproliferative, and endocrine neoplasms, all of which can present in unusual ways or mimic benign processes, often requiring biopsy for a definitive diagnosis. This review article presents a broad overview of some of the malignancies that have been reported to occur in eyelids, addressing clinical presentation and natural history, histologic and immunostaining characteristics, and genetic associations where relevant. The unique combination of functional importance, to protect and lubricate the eye, and cosmetic importance make management of eyelid lesions difficult. We describe a few of the diagnostic and treatment options that can be considered.