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Methotrexate for treatment of atopic dermatitis in children and adolescents




Low-dose methotrexate is becoming established as a second-line treatment for atopic eczema in the adult population, but there has been a paucity of data to support its use for this indication in the pediatric population.


A retrospective review was undertaken of patients aged 18 years and under started on methotrexate between January 2005 and April 2010, at a hospital-based dermatology department in New Zealand.


Thirty-one patients (17 females, mean age 10 years, range 3–18 years) were reviewed. Methotrexate was found to be effective or very effective in 75% and ineffective in 25%. The mean duration of treatment for those who responded to methotrexate was 14 months (range 2–38 months), 74% of patients were still on treatment at the time of last review. The most common adverse effect was minor nausea in four patients (14%) and non-significant elevation of liver enzymes (four patients). No serious adverse effects were noted.


In our experience, methotrexate has a good safety/tolerability profile when used in low dose for the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children and adolescents and appears to be effective. Formal comparative studies are needed.