• Alcoholic beverages;
  • anthocyanins;
  • ellagitannins;
  • flavours;
  • GC-MS;
  • HPLC-MS;
  • pomegranate


This work reports on the preparation of new aromatic pomegranate liquors by maceration of pomegranate juice and arils in Arbutus unedo L. distillate. The volatile, anthocyanin and ellagitannin profiles were monitored after each step. Aromatic compounds of pomegranates, such as limonene, 1-hexenol and trans-caryophyllene, were detected in trace levels and showed little contribution to the liquor aroma. The main volatiles of the liquors, namely isobutanol, isopentanols, vitispiranes and volatile esters, are given by the fruit distillate. The anthocyanin contents of the pomegranate juice were around 135 mg L−1 but decreased to about 5% of this value in the final liquors. Anthocyanin diglucoside compounds showed higher stability than their monoglucoside analogs. Punicalagins and punicalins showed contents between 80 and 135 mg L−1, depending on the used starting pomegranate material. These ellagitannins account for 60% of the total polyphenols. The procedure can be used to prepare aromatic pomegranate liquors with high polyphenol content.