Development of whey-fruit-based energy drink mixes using D-optimal mixture design


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The study deals with two whey-fruit-based energy drink mixes developed using freeze drying. D-optimal mixture design with 2 factors at 5 levels was used for the optimisation of ingredients. The responses studied were overall acceptability and acidity of the formulations. The whey/grape juice and whey/pomegranate juice ratios selected on the basis of response analysis was 49:51 and 40:60, respectively. The energy drinks were freeze-dried and packed in paper/Al foil/polythene (PFP) pouches were stored at ambient temperature as well as 37 C. Periodic evaluation revealed that whey-grape and whey-pomegranate energy drink mixes had a shelf life of 9 and 8 months, respectively. The addition of caffeine at 200 ppm level did not impart any adverse change in sensory quality.