• Allyl isothiocyanate;
  • canned food;
  • emulsion;
  • encapsulation;
  • flavour;
  • wasabi


The encapsulated wasabi flavour prepared from 100% modified starch (HICAP 100), HICAP 100: maltodextrin (1:1), HICAP 100:CAPSUL (1:1) at various flavouring agent concentrations (10, 15 or 20% w/w) was determined for physicochemical properties. All encapsulated treatments were stored at various relative humidity (RH) levels (11%, 33% and 52% RH) and intervally evaluated for encapsulation efficiency (EE) during 60 days of storage. Microcapsules of 20% wasabi flavour derived from the mixture of HICAP 100 with maltodextrin and HICAP 100 with CAPSUL demonstrated excellent properties including low moisture content, acceptable flowing properties, surface appearance and EE. The release rate of encapsulated flavour increased as the RH increased for most encapsulated treatments. A difference-from-control test was conducted to evaluate the magnitude of wasabi-flavour retention added in the canned tuna spread. The intensity of wasabi-flavour retention in the canned tuna spread with encapsulated flavour agents added was higher than that of the samples without flavour encapsulation.