Effect of frying variables on French fry properties


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This work focuses on the effect of frying variables (repeated frying, potato-to-oil ratio, potato distribution in the fryer, oil type and potato variety) on French fry properties (water content, oil content, crust thickness and shrinkage). Furthermore, the rate of change in French fry properties during a frying batch is investigated. The temperature was acquired in several positions within the oil and the potato. It was found that when repeated frying was conducted up to regulation limits for frying oil use, the examined French fry properties were not significantly affected. On the contrary, the potato-to-oil ratio, potato distribution and potato variety significantly affected the water content of French fries. The most significant changes occurred during the first 1–2 min of a frying batch. According to the temperature measurements, the crust-core front continued to advance after this first frying period. However, there was no observable crust thickness increase; this was attributed to crust shrinkage.