ijfs12033-sup-0001-FigS1.docWord document510KFigure S1. SEM micrographs of MYB (a) and TEM image of reconstituted MYB emulsion (b). TEM, transmission electron microscopy; MYB, microcapsules containing Chinese yak butter; SEM, scanning electron microscopy.
ijfs12033-sup-0002-FigS2.docWord document1317KFigure S2. The optical microscope photographs at 1000 magnification and particle size distribution of emulsions prior to spray drying a) and after rehydration (b).
ijfs12033-sup-0003-FigS3.docWord document107K Figure S3. DSC spectra of YB (a) and MYB (b). DSC, differential scanning calorimetry; YB, yak butter; MYB, microcapsules containing Chinese yak butter.
ijfs12033-sup-0004-FigS4.docWord document535K Figure S4. TG-DTG spectra of YB (a) and MYB (b) MYB, microcapsules containing Chinese yak butter; TG, thermogravimetric; DTG, differential thermogravimetric; YB, yak butter.
ijfs12033-sup-0005-FigS5.docWord document208K Figure S5. GC fatty acid chromatogram of FAME standard mixture (a), YB (b), MYB (c) and CMP (d). Fatty acids: 1 (C4:0), 2 (C5:0), 3 (C6:0), 4 (C7:0), 5 (C8:0), 6 (C9:0), 7 (C10:0), 8 (C11:0), 9 (C12:0), 10 (C13:0), 11 (C14:0), 12 (9cC14:1), 13 (C15:0), 14 (9cC15:1), 15 (C16:0), 16 (9cC16:1), 17 (C17:0), 18 (10cC17:1), 19 (C18:0), 20 (9tC18:1), 21 (9cC18:1), 22 (11cC18:1), 23 (C19:0), 24 (9t12tC18:2), 25 (C19:1), 26 (9c12cC18:2), 27 (C20:0), 28 (C18:3x-6), 29 (5cC20:1), 30 (11cC20:1), 31 (C18:3x-3), 32 (C20:2x-6), 33 (C22:0), 34 (C20:3x-6), 35 (C22:1x-9), 36 (C20:4x-6), 37 (C22:2x-6), 38 (C20:5x-3), 39(C22:3x-3), 40 (C22:4x-6), 41 (C22:5x-3), 42 (C22:6x-3). CMP, commercial milk powder; FAME, fatty acid methyl esters; MYB, microcapsules containing Chinese yak butter; YB, yak butter.
ijfs12033-sup-0006-FigS6.docWord document68K Figure S6. The stability of MYB and YB during storage as determined by PV (a) and retention ratio (b). Each value represents mean of three separate experiments ± SD. PV, peroxide value; MYB, microcapsules containing Chinese yak butter; YB, yak butter.
ijfs12033-sup-0007-FigS7.docWord document98K Figure S7. In vitro digestion profiles of YB from microcapsules after direct exposure to each GIT fluids (a) and sequential exposure to GIT fluids (b). Data are expressed as means ± SD of three separate determinations. Columns that do not share the same superscript letter are significantly different from each other at P < 0.05. YB, yak butter; GIT, gastrointestinal tract
ijfs12033-sup-0008-FigS1-S7Legent-TableS1.docWord document78K Table S1. Fatty acid compositions of YB, MYB and CMP were expressed as% of total fatty acids.

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