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Effect of the dry ice maceration and oak cask fermentation on colour parameters and sensorial evaluation of Tempranillo wines


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The impact of dry ice maceration (DIM) and oak cask fermentation (OCF) on characteristics of Tempranillo wines elaborated in a warm climate has been studied as an alternative procedure to traditional red winemaking (CT) to obtain highly coloured wines. Oenological and colour parameters were measured to determine the influence of these techniques on wines along the winemaking process. DIM and OCF techniques were found significantly different to CT for colour intensity and percentage of blue. Moreover, both induced easily perceptible changes in CIELAB coordinates (lower L*, higher a* and math formula values) than CT and also affect main wine's sensory attributes (e.g. increased polyphenols extraction in DIM and to a lesser extent OCF, and therefore produced wines with higher colour than CT). Although differences tend to decrease with ageing, these practices seem feasible alternatives to improve quality characteristics of young red wines from grapes grown in warm climates.