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Effect of partial replacement of potassium lactate and sodium diacetate by natural green tea and grape seed extracts and postpackaging thermal treatment on the growth of Listeria monocytogenes in hotdog model system


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Low- (5%) and high-fat (20%) chicken and turkey hotdogs were formulated in three groups: no antimicrobials (control), chemical preservatives (potassium lactate and sodium diacetate) alone and partial replacement of chemical preservatives by green tea (GTE) and grape seed extracts (GSE), surface inoculated (c. 103 CFU g−1) with Listeria monocytogenes, treated with or without heat treatment (65 °C for 104 s) to determine the growth of L. monocytogenes until spoilage (28 days). Maximum growth inhibitions (c. 2.0 CFU g−1) were observed in the treatments having chemical preservatives and plant extracts regardless of the meat and fat type. Furthermore, plant extracts along with chemical preservatives demonstrated additional inhibitory effect on the growth of L. monocytogenes survivors in chicken hotdog samples followed by postpackaging heat treatment. Results demonstrated that natural GTE and GSE can partially replace the chemical preservatives and further enhance the antilisterial activities when combined with heat treatment.