• Anthocyanins;
  • cherry (Prunus cerasus L.) pomace;
  • degradation;
  • Hunter colour;
  • moisture;
  • non-isothermal


Anthocyanins (ACY) and colour changes in cherry pomace under non-isothermal processing were investigated. Pomace at moisture levels of 70% (MC-70), 41% (MC-41) and 25% (MC-25) was heated at 126.7 °C in a retort for 25, 40 and 60 min. Total ACY, Hunter colour values, total colour difference (ΔE), chroma, hue angle (h°) and browning index (BI) were analysed. Thermal degradation kinetics for colour parameters were determined using zero- and first-order models. ACY degradation increased with heating time and ranged from 34 to 68% for 25 and 60 min heating, respectively. The half-life of ACY was 38, 33 and 27 min for MC-70, MC-41 and MC-25 pomace, respectively. The ΔE increased with increasing heating time, whereas BI exhibited an inverse trend. Except for ∆E for MC-70, the zero-order kinetic model showed better fit (R2 = 0.85–0.97) to experimental data than the first-order kinetic model for Hunter colour b values and ∆E.