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Table S1. Coded and coded levels of the independent variables used in the experiment.

Table S2. Coefficients of determination (R2) and estimated regression coefficients (βi), of the fitted second-order polynomial for the response variables: Consintency index (K); apparent viscosity (ηapp); Casson plastic viscosity (ηC) and flow behaviour index (n).

Table S3. Mean values and standard deviation for each sensory attribute at different WPC and pectin content.

Table S4. Yelowness index (YI) as a function of mashed potatoes composition.

ijfs12059-sup-0002-figS1.docWord document754KFigure S1. Response surfaces for the combined effects of WPC, LMP and HMP on the rheological properties of the MP.
ijfs12059-sup-0003-figS2.docWord document249KFigure S2. DSC thermograms of MP with WPC and pectin.
ijfs12059-sup-0004-figS3.docWord document132KFigure S3. Solubility of the protein constituents of mashed potatoes (MP).
ijfs12059-sup-0005-figS4.docWord document391KFigure S4. Microstructure of mashed potatoes with whey proteins and pectin observed by confocal laser scanning microscopy.

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