Soybean oil-chitosan emulsion affects internal quality and shelf-life of eggs stored at 25 and 4 °C


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Effects of soybean oil (SO), chitosan solution (CH) and their emulsions (SO:CH = 60:40, 50:50 and 40:60 ratios) as coatings on internal quality of eggs stored at 25 and 4 °C, respectively, for 7 and 20 weeks, were evaluated. Eggs coated with SO and SO:CH emulsions maintained grade AA and/or A quality up to 7 weeks at 25 °C and 20 weeks at 4 °C, while noncoated eggs changed from AA to B grade after 2 weeks at 25 °C. Compared with noncoated eggs, shelf-life of eggs stored at 25 °C was extended for 5 weeks by all SO:CH emulsions. Weight loss of eggs coated with SO:CH emulsions was <3% after 7 weeks at 25 °C and <5% after 20 weeks at 4 °C. SO:CH emulsion is alternatively an effective coating with possible shorter drying times for reducing weight loss and preserving the internal quality of eggs.