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Optimisation of convective drying of carrots using selected processing and quality indicators


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The effect of drying temperature (40–65 °C) and air rate (2–6 m s−1) on the formation of Maillard reaction indicators and vitamins content of carrots dehydrated by convection has been investigated. The range of assayed processing conditions, based on a previous central composite face design (CCD), led to moderate changes in the studied parameters, even under the most severe conditions. In addition, the drying kinetic of the process was studied taking into account the experimental quantitation of shrinkage, which allowed the determination of a first drying period with a constant rate of water evaporation per unit of exchange surface. The slope of the first drying period, the moisture loss during the first hour of drying and the level of quality parameters (Maillard reaction indicators and vitamins) were correlated with processing conditions with high accuracy. For the prototype here used, the optima temperature and air rate to maximise the desirability function (0.77) were 46 °C and 4.9 m s−1.