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Effect of carp (Cyprinus carpio) oil incorporation on water vapour permeability, mechanical properties and transparency of chitosan films


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The effect of carp oil incorporation on properties of chitosan films was evaluated. Chitosan and carp oil were obtained from shrimp wastes and viscera respectively. Tests were performed with different values of chitosan: oil ratios, agitation rates, homogenisation times and pH. The optimum conditions for stability of the film–forming dispersions were of 20,000 rpm at 10 min, and 10:1 ratio of chitosan:oil. The highest values of tensile strength and elongation percentage (%E) of films were obtained at pH 3.5. The addition of carp oil in the chitosan films (10:1 ratio) showed an increase in the resistance to diffusion of water vapour (1.7 g mm m−2 day−1 kPa−1) in relation to pure chitosan films (4.1 g mm m−2 day−1 kPa−1). However, pure chitosan films showed better mechanical properties (38 MPa and%E 18%) and transparency than films of chitosan:oil (20.4 MPa and 8.8%).